Blind big date: ‘She believes I’m an unfortunate, naive hipster’ | Dating |

Blind big date: ‘She believes I’m an unfortunate, naive hipster’ | Dating |

Tom on Willow

Just what were you longing for?

A tale for my pals to embarrass myself with at parties.

First thoughts?

She had been gorgeous, for the reason that effortless, elegant means.

Just what did you explore?

Older guys,
Jerry Springer
, how we look at the careers,
the Guyliner’s blog

Any uncomfortable moments?

Most likely while I told her she appeared avove the age of she ended up being.

Good table ways?

Great: much better than mine.

Most sensible thing about Willow?

She’s got some confidence and clearly understands just what she desires from existence.

Could you introduce her your friends?

She’d dislike my buddies.

Describe the lady in three terms

Disarming, adult, content.

What exactly do you think she made from you?

a sad, naive hipster whon’t understand the property value money.

Do you continue someplace?

Simply to the pipe section.

And… do you kiss?


If you could change a factor concerning the evening, what can it is?

Someone with who I’d a lot more in accordance. It was a gorgeous night, nevertheless the chat had been mostly courteous.

Markings regarding 10?


Would you satisfy once more?

She has my quantity, therefore, the basketball’s inside her court.

Willow on Tom

What were you longing for?

A gorgeous man, and a flirt.

First impressions?

I decided he was choosing me personally for any first 15 minutes.

Just what do you talk about?

College, job routes, Jerry Springer. I believe I offended him by claiming I really don’t like eastern London, in which the guy life.

Any shameful times?

We told him he is 10 years younger than dudes it’s my job to date.

Great dining table manners?

He is a teetotal vegan, therefore I had every as well as drink.

Ideal thing about Tom?

He is very friendly.

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Can you present him towards friends?

I don’t think they’d can get on.

Describe him in three terms

Welcoming, large, weird.

Precisely what do you might think he manufactured from you?

He provided me with his number, therefore maybe don’t think I became insane.

Did you embark on someplace?

He advised going for a glass or two, but I politely declined.

And… do you hug?

We hugged slightly awkwardly.

Any time you could transform a very important factor concerning night, what might it be?

It will be with another person.

Markings out of 10?


Could you fulfill again?


Willow and Tom ate at
Bala Baya
, London SE1

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